8 January, 2016
8 Outdoor apps
Explore, Enjoy and Conserve Nature

1. TrailWatch 
This is a must-have mobile app for hikers in Hong Kong. With it, you can select one of the many hiking routes indicated on a comprehensive map, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can even map out your own trail! TrailWatch records your distance covered, speed, and calories burned – and you can even report environmental issues you encounter, such as illegal construction, tree road blockage, or atypical activities, simply snap a photo and upload it.
2. Cruelty-Free
Not sure if the products you use are tested on animals? Then download the Cruelty-Free app to scan and detect which companies and products do, and use your purchasing power to send a clear message that animal testing is not ok. This app was developed by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny Program and covers over 200 big companies from the US and Canada.
3. Geographical Magazine – Explore the planet’s natural beauty
Royal Geographical Society created this app to share nature’s beauty with the public. It covers a wide variety of topics, such as conservation, wildlife, culture and exploration, and showcases stunning, award-winning photos and interesting facts on the locations featured.
4. Wildlife Witness
Illegal wildlife trading is an increasingly severe problem. This app, however, allows you to do your bit in the fight to stop it. Wildlife Witness is a worldwide action app that helps endangered animals by providing a platform for you to report illegal wildlife trade actions you come across – just snap a pic and upload it for the world to see!
5. Weather Underground 
This is an easy way for you to check the weather before going out and exploring nature. With a network of over 100,000 personal weather monitoring stations, Weather Underground covers data such as UV risk, local flu outbreaks, chance of rain and 10-days forecasted weather. It’s also got a stylish interface that makes it all the more fun to use.
6. Instant Wild 
The Zoological Society of London developed this app to enable the public to assist its scientists in identifying some of the rarest and most threatened species on the planet. Through it, you can also elect to follow ZSL’s camera traps around the world and receive notifications with live images straight from the field.
7. iBird Pro Guide to Birds
Become an expert bird-spotter with this handy app. This is one of the most comprehensive bird-watching apps on the market, and offers many tips and techniques on how to find birds, including: locations, song, habitat, flight style and more. A ‘Lite’ version is available for free, so why not try it out?
8. LikeThat Garden 
Discover and learn about thousands of flowers and plants with this cheerful and fun app. Using built-in visual search technology, LikeThat Garden identifies flowers at the snap of a photo and delivers detailed species names and descriptions, as well as a ‘broadcast’ function where you detail where you found it. It also gives helpful advice on how to properly care for your flowers and plants.
Thumbnail Photo source: Flickr - Andreas Kambanis

By: Kathy Yin


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