Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana

10 April, 2013
Eco diapers
Washable and reusable options for babies

Did you know that one child will use approximately 6,000 disposable diapers by the age of 24 months and they take over 500 years to decompose?  If you knew the amount of toxins that are found in baby diapers and feminine products, you would think twice about ever using them again.  Winc Design Limited, a Hong Kong-based company, is the brain behind Charlie Banana, a brand that is all about reusing instead of disposing. 
Charlie Banana’s 2-in-1 system allows you to use reusable inserts as well as disposable inserts depending on your needs.  The reusable inserts are placed inside the shell of the diaper, super absorbent and can be easily washed.  For special occasions where you feel that disposable inserts are necessary, there is also a biodegradable disposable insert available.  These can be placed on top of the fleece part of the diaper and thrown out when finished.  Diapers come in sized and one-sized versions with the one-sized version suitable for newborns to 30-month old babies.  While the washing process might take some time to get used to, remember that you’re doing good for the planet and your baby with reusable diapers!  Soaking diapers and rinsing lightly before putting them into the washing machine usually does the trick and to get rid of smells, simple add some white vinegar and a few tablespoons of baking soda.  Don’t forget to get some organic cotton and ultra soft micro fleece wipes to help your baby stay comfortable and clean!
For mommies and ladies out there, feminine pads that are perfume-free, cholorine-free and stain-free are also available from Charlie Banana.  Plus they are also washable just like the diapers!
Charlie Banana supports Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides free reconstructive surgeries to children suffering from facial deformities.  Plus, the company partners with Climate Action to make sure that carbon footprint emissions are offset.
In Hong Kong, Charlie Banana products are available at Three-Sixty, Tiny Footprints, Baby Central and more.  You can also shop online at:

By: Ecozine Staff


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