Eco Chic Galle

Eco Chic Galle

5 November, 2015
Cantaloupe Class
Sri Lanka’s glamorous southern city provides contemporary comforts as well as adventure and charm

If Sri Lanka indeed is a ‘nascent Bali’ – as it is commonly referred to – then Galle is certainly its answer to Seminyak.
The coastal city on the country’s southern isle is where expats and tourists flock for a more upmarket taste of Sri Lanka’s exotic charm. High-end resorts are dotted along the main shoreline – which stretches from the historically significant Galle Fort and the verdant jungle of Rumassala Mountain.
This combination of rich history and jaw-dropping biodiversity is evident all over the Bay of Galle, and has a huge part to play in its appeal. Galle Fort, for instance, was first built by the Portugese in 1588 and has now been lovingly and respectfully converted into a hub of museums, and food and beverage outlets. Tourists and locals alike get to access and enjoy this rustic treasure on a daily basis, with whale watching adventures and jaguar spotting safaris just a stone’s throw away.
Cantaloupe Levels – the second property from Sri Lankan luxury hotel brand Cantaloupe Hotels – opened earlier this year, and has since catered to a decidedly ‘eco chic’ clientele. The impossibly suave boutique property is located on the foot of Rumassala Mountain, within walking distance from the gorgeous and quaint Jungle Beach and Japanese Peace Pagoda. The elevated site of the hotel and the open-plan, floor-to-ceiling glass window design allows for stunning oceanscape vistas stretching along the shore to Galle Fort. Cantaloupe Levels is the ideal luxe reprieve as it is situated in what is actually designated national park land, allowing for perfect, serene seclusion that is conveniently close to the city comforts. The hotel was built in an existing, repurposed structure – allowing it to inhabit this exclusive environment, with all its wildlife.
The contemporary monochrome and wood design of Cantaloupe Levels only serves to highlight the sleek room finishes and bold, quirky fine art displays. This is a place that lends itself to sophisticated brunches, lounging on the double beds that flank the infinity pool, and afternoon drinks on the ‘grass decking’. But it does so with a strong consideration for its impact on the surroundings.
Single-use plastics are shunned in favour of reusable, glass bottles for everything from shampoo bottles to drinking water. All lights throughout the hotel are of the LED, energy-saving variety, and the vegetable oil used in cooking is recycled and used to light the lanterns in the evening. But it doesn’t stop there – the hotel is dedicated to continue minimising its eco footprint, with composting initiatives being the latest step in this direction.
So if comfort, class and conservation in equal measure are what you’re after, Cantaloupe Levels is the obvious choice in this picturesque enclave of Sri Lanka.

By: Alex Andersson


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