Eco Wraps

Eco Wraps

14 August, 2017
Roll'eat sandwich wrappers
Replacing disposable sandwich bags with eco food wrap

For those of us who are trying to commit to an eco-friendly home, that bulky, oversized and rigid lunchbox may often tempt you to resort to aluminium foil or plastic sandwich bags. We know, it's not always easy. This is where reusable sandwich wrappers and snack bags come to your rescue!

Based in Barcelona, Roll’eat introduces a series of eco-friendly food wraps and bags to ease your packed lunch troubles. Featuring a variety of designs from plain to colourful, geometric patterns to lively prints, Roll’eat promises much more than beautiful wrappers to dress your delicious lunch. With a waterproof and stain-resistant interior, these easy-care food wrappers can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth, machine washed, and reused for up to six years.

Snack’n’Go snack bag

The Roll’eat debut includes the snack bags range, Snack’n’Go, which comes in three collections. The original features a square bag with a fold-over flap. This convenient design is perfect for sandwiches and snacks alike. Alternatively, Snack’n’Go Tube consists of an expandable tube-shaped bag that provides more volume while keeping your wrap compact. And if you don’t particularly enjoy the fusion flavours of sweet delights mixed with savoury treats, the two pocket sleeves in Snack’n’Go Pocket can save the day.

Boc’n’Roll sandwich wrapper

Coming from the Spanish word Bocadillo—sandwich made from long loafs instead of sliced bread—Roll’eat is introducing the Boc’n’Roll range of sandwich wrappers. Unfolding into a flat mat, these wrappers can adapt to sandwiches of all shapes and sizes. Flexible and versatile, this product also features a stain-proof interior. Alternatively, Boc’n’Roll can also be used as a placemat to avoid crumbs on your school table and work desk.

Why buy Roll’eat?

With a selection of other reusable food wraps on the market, the company's commitment to the reduction of its carbon footprint is what makes Roll’eat stand out. These eco sandwich wraps emit 99.8% less carbon dioxide than aluminium foil. Not only do Roll’eat wrappers help eliminate the use of disposable wrappers, they also encourage the preparation of home-cooked food.

A green lifestyle is what you make of it. Who says you can only use the wrappers and bags for packed lunch? Bring a Roll’eat wrapper to your local bakery or café when you purchase those delicious muffins and pies and save our planet, one bag at a time.

Watch this video to see how to reuse and reenjoy the Roll'eat wrappers and you may ditch your plastic wrap and foil today:

By: Nicole Tang


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