Enzo Barraco

Enzo Barraco

4 May, 2017
Climate Change Artist
Meet In Hong Kong

Standing at the very forefront of global warming is the forgotten southernmost continent of Antarctica. However, one photographer is adamant on bringing Antarctica back into the spotlight.

Inspired by legendary polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, London-based Italian photographer Enzo Barracco to set out on his personal expedition to Antarctica, giving birth to Project Antarctica. Enzo’s work investigates and shows nature in all its majesty and fragility, with a purpose of raising collective action to be more attentive and respectful to the environment, in order to build a renewed route of discovery and rapprochement between man and nature.

The spectacular images he captured on his journey is now making its way to the subtropical city of Hong Kong, following highly reviewed shows in London and Paris. Presented by Jacada Travel to raise awareness of climate change, The Noise of Ice: Antarctica Exhibition in Hong Kong will feature selected limited edition photographs from Shackleton’s eye-opening collection and is set to take place at The Explorer Lounge.

"There are a number of things I wish to communicate through my photography work of The Noise of Ice: Antarctica. First and foremost, that nature is unpredictable, powerful yet fragile. There is nowhere else like Antarctica. I'm sure we are all aware the sea ice around both the Antarctica and Artic hit record low this March. Thus, the other message I wish to convey is the importance of conservation. As a photographer, I'm doing my best through my work in showing different parts of the world there is urgency to act now, and how climate change is impacting our planet. I'm grateful I've been meeting like-minded people carrying the same vision as I am, and honoured to be bringing the exhibition to Asia now, where the proceedings of the photos exhibiting at Jacada Travel will be donated to Mission Blue." – Enzo Barraco

The Noise of Ice: Antarctica Hong Kong Exhibition
10:00AM – 7:00PM M-F, 23 March – 21 May 2017
By Appointment Only
RSVP at ExplorerLounge@JacadaTravel.com

The Explorer Lounge by Jacada Travel
17F Oriental Crystal Commercial Building
46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

By: Ecozine Staff


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