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Friendly Business

25 April, 2017
Overseas Ventures
5 International Cities That Welcome Small Businesses and Start-Ups

Every year, more UK and American businesses decide to try their luck overseas. Many of them head to Southeast Asia, in order to take advantage of low rates of taxation, great financing options, and rapidly growing markets. This commercial exodus is fueling the development of countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

It is also great news for regions with bigger, stronger economies like Hong Kong and Singapore. They are keen to encourage foreign investment, so their governments make it very easy for entrepreneurs to access start-up funds. These ventures get the chance to sell to eager consumers, with growing incomes, while the countries see their infrastructure expand.

While Asia is a great destination for young companies, it is not the only part of the world that is business friendly. Keep reading to find out which international cities are most welcoming.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered to be one of the best cities in the world to do business. It has a huge packaged goods industry and relatively low corporate tax rates. Plus, it is also home to some of the finest virtual office facilities, which entrepreneurs often use as a launch pad for expansions. For example, Servcorp virtual offices include high-speed broadband, telephone lines, boardroom spaces, mailboxes, printing equipment, as well as all utility costs.

Jakarta, Indonesia

While few people will tell you that setting up a business in Indonesia is fast, it can be very rewarding. Life moves at its own pace here, but the positive side of this is that there isn’t as much red tape to get through. Consumers are very open to new ideas, and any western product which is relatively new to the country is likely to attract lots of attention.

Manila, Philippines

At the moment, the Philippines is ideally placed for investment. The government is determined to attract foreign businesses and will even offer permanent resident status to those who lay down roots here (with families included). There are tax deductions, income tax holidays, and perks in special economic zones. If you want a gateway into Asia, you will not find a better city than Manila.

Atlanta, USA

It should be pointed out that there are many great cities to do business in America. The market has become tough in some areas – New York San Francisco are starting to become over-saturated with small businesses – but regions like Atlanta and Dallas are right on the verge of major boom times. The economy in Atlanta has been steadily growing for years. It weathered the recession and is now welcoming intrepid start-ups from all over the world.


New Zealand and Australia have always been an intriguing prospect for small businesses. They are, in many ways, microcosms. They have strong connections to the rest of the world, but their economies are less affected by what happens in the US or Europe. It makes cities like Auckland a safe place to experiment with new ideas. While rent prices are relatively high right now, they do not compare with regions like Hong Kong and virtual workspaces are a clever way to get around them.

Why a Virtual Office Could Help You Expand

The big advantage of co-working spaces, particularly for businesses trying to grow, is the fact that they come ready. There is no downtime unless you want there to be. These fully equipped corporate suites contain everything you need to start making money and new contacts from day one of your move. If you are happy to share a communal space with other entrepreneurs like you, they are ideal – affordable, flexible, and reliable.

Alexandra Richards is a business consultant. She takes a keen interest in business structures and works culture. Recently she has taken a particular interest in virtual offices by Servcorp. In her free time, she enjoys eating in local restaurants and trying to replicate the dishes at home.

By: Alexandra Richards


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