Holiday Cheer Part 3

Holiday Cheer Part 3

18 December, 2015
Unique Gifts
Local, bespoke, handmade, last minute gifting ideas

Welcome to the third installment of gift-giving ideas for everyone you love this holiday season! Whether you are shopping local to help support local businesses, interested in the artisan craft of bespoke or handmade gifts, to last minute presents, Ecozine has got you covered with our latest list of recommendations.
1. Charitable Choice - Charity Gift Card provides the first and only online charity-based gifting platform in Hong Kong. Gift givers can purchase the donation amount as a Charity Gift Card, and  recipients can choose their preferred charity as beneficiary, all via the interactive Charitable Choice website. There are eGift Card designs to suit every occasion, including of course Christmas! For that someone who already has everything, and you do not know what to get, then here is your answer! And, giving to charity creates a ripple effect; not only will the Gift Card recipient(s) feel happier knowing that you've contributed to a good cause on their behalf, they might also be inspired to do the same in the future for someone else. Not into online shopping? Charitable Choice Gift Cards are also available for sale in HK$100 and HK$500 denominations from a number of Pacific Coffee shops.
2. Melville Fine Jewellery – Bespoke Engagement Rings
Want something truly unique for your beloved? Each bespoke commission is created by Nathalie Melville herself and carries the brand's highly distinctive and elegant design footprint. Melville ensures that each client's story is the thread with which the work is permeated - so much so that every private client is gifted with a hardback book on completion of the piece, charting the process from concept to completion. With a piece of such significant, and often emotional value, Melville Fine Jewellery feels that the journey undertaken is important to document for each couple. Are you or your giftee still single and mingling? Meville also features their own collection and premade 'one of a kind' jewellery pieces - perfect for the wearer to attract a potential admirer this holiday season. 
3. HK Honey – Beeswax Candle
They say that honey is the only food that never spoils, but you can always spoil your bae with one of nature’s most lovely products. HK Honey also makes beeswax candles, which not only ar much more environmentally firendly than those made from paraffin and chemicals, but also purify the air as they burn, filling it with the scnet of organic honey. Just like honey, the candle will not go rancid like some natural wax candles might. Either way, you can help save the dwindling bee population while letting your ‘honey’ in for a sweet treat! You can also explore the benefits of honey from our previous Bee Healthy article.
4. Sparadise - Treatment
We love experience gifts as a low-waste, meaningful alternative to gifting 'stuff' . And who wouldn't swoon over a voucher to come unwind in the sooting atmosphere of Sparadise organic spa, an organic oasis of tranquility located in the heart of Central. You can buy your boo one of many reviving treatments, and let Sparadise's expert team takes her/him on a blissful journey to wellness and relaxation. By practising a ‘less chemicals the better' policy, their carefully selected range of organic products help restore the skin’s well-being, whilst being gentle on both you and the environment. They pride themselves on creating a soulful yet luxurious experience for all their customers, and also offer natural spa products if you want to add something extra to your gift.
5. So... Soap - Bar Soap
So... Soap is not just any soap. It's made right here in Hong Kong using all-natural ingredients without any artificial chemicals added. It takes care of skin and protects it from chemicals and pollutants, making it an ideal gift product for anyone, even people with sensitive skin. All So... Soap products are made by blending natural plant oils,such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and sunflower seed oil with lye. They are also free of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Natural essential oils and the passion of the soap makers make these soaps perfect for gifting.
6. WWF Panda Shop - Christmas Hampers
This Christmas, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Hong Kong) has put together 5 holiday hamper options to celebrate and share your appreciation to friends, families, corporate partners and clients. Of course, they're not just any hampers; this being WWF, you can be sure that all the products included in the holiday gift sets are fair trade and environmentally friendly. With gifts ranging from delicious snacks, coffee and organic tea to WWF merchandise like reusable bottles, hand wash and tote bags, these Christmas Hampers will surely have something that anyone can enjoy. This is the gift of choice for the ‘hard to buy for’ people in our lives - and all proceeds go towards WWF’s ongoing conservation and education works.
7. Ecozine – Magazine Subscription
Since you are an Ecozine reader then of course you know that Ecozine publishes an award-winning quarterly magazine devoted to modern sustainable living. For those eco-conscious friends of yours who wants to live well without costing the Earth, they would absolutely thank you for this. Not to toot our own horns, but an Ecozine subscription is the perfect example of the gift that keeps giving, showing up on your giftee's doorstep throughout the year. Seasons change as does the theme and content of our magazines, so it is guaranteed that your friends will always learn something new and be entertained with each issue's arrival. Plus you'll be supporting our passionate team to keep improving, growing and succeeding in our green mission!

8. Animals Asia - Gifts For The Bears
For animal lovers out there, Animals Asia's online platform allows you to send the gift of your choosing to bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam where bears are rehabilitated and cared for. Gifts For The Bears include tasty treats like a pot of honey, a basket of fruit, fruity ice blocks, and fruit smoothies. Others include a hammock for the bear to nap in the afternoon, along with the single play structure, and swing to provide bears with hours of climbing and foraging fun. Alternatively give the gift of health to these bears with a month of veterinary care, or much needed surgery amongst the 9 gift options. Too cool!
9. Red Packet Adventure – Private Rock Climbing Course at Just Climb
Red Packet is an innovative gift box concept. Each themed gift box offers around ten lifestyle experiences for the recipient to choose from. We've chosen a gift experience for the athletically-inclined (or curious): A rock climbing session at ones of Hong Kong’s largest indoor rock climbing gyms, "Just Climb". At over 5000 ft2, the gym offers over 10 climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty for beginners and advanced climbers of various age groups to put their skills into practice. With low bouldering walls and thick, padded mats, it's a safe, yet challenging and friendly environment to all beginners and climbing enthusiasts to experience the sport. This gift from Just Climb is just ONE of loads of options on the Red Packet website - there's really something for everyone, from chow hounds to adventure seekers to spa lovers.

By: Ecozine Staff


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