Rad Resolutions

Rad Resolutions

28 December, 2015
Happy New Year
Say goodbye to bad habits and hello to a fantastic year ahead!

With the New Year coming up in a few days, do you have your new year’s resolution written out? If not, don’t worry! Because we’ve got your back with a few suggestions on how to start your new year fresh and green!
1. Go meatless on Mondays
While choosing to go 100% vegan or vegetarian might be a challenge for most people, going green for only a day is an easy way to get on the right path for your health and for the environment! Join in on the Green Monday campaign, and forget about meat for a day each week. Not only will it have positive impact on your health, but also contribute in reducing the carbon footprint of your diet. For encouragement and inspiration, check out a few insightful films such as Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives.
2. Get back to nature
While you’re being busy living the city life during the weekdays, get some fresh air during the weekends or after work! This is the perfect time of year to enjoy nature - and Hong Kong makes it so easy to do. With nature trails at most 20 minutes from any front doorstep in the region, there's no excuse for missing out on some open sky and greenery to soothe the soul while you sweat. Explore one of Hong Kong's many stunningly scenic hiking trails, and end at a deserted windswept beach to feel really free the from urban grind. If possible, consider substituting all or part of your work commute with walking or biking! And the best part about embracing the great outdoors? It’s free!
3. Bye bye bottled water
While we might have be conditioned in the past by big brands to think that drinking bottled water was the cleaner alternative, it's now widely known that disposable plastic bottles can contain hormone-disrupting chemicals, and can actually be worse than drinking the perfectly clean, safe water out of Hong Kong taps! And apart from that, they cause massive harm to the environment in multiple ways - from the fossil fuels used in the making and transportation of plastic-bottled water,to the vast amounts of plastic trash created by their short-term use, that is clogging the ocean and filling landfills. For the new year, try committing to never buying disposable bottle water, and instead treat yourself to a cool new reusable bottle you'll be proud to carry around! With lots of choice on the market, from aluminum to glass, there’s bound to be one that catches your eye.
4. Shop local and organic
Hit up your local farmer’s market for some fresh fruits and vegetables! Hong Kong has lots of fresh produce markets during the weekends - such as those run by CGG Organic and Hong Kong Farmer's Market. Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook. It’s a great way to support your local farmers and promote sustainable and organic agriculture. Knowing exactly where your food is coming from feels great, and discovering loads of different organic produce encourages creative cooking!
5. Try composting!
While composting isn’t very common in Hong Kong homes yet, it is an age-old, widely used, intelligent way to discard kitchen waste and be rewarded with a fantastic product for your window plants or garden. The new year is the perfect opportunity to learn about composting methods (such as Japanese bokashi or worm composting) and take it on as a project that will quickly become a no-brainer aspect of your lifestyle. You will be saving space from the landfills and making your own great nutrient-rich compost. Plus cool points around the water cooler as you tell your amazed friends and colleagues about your compost journey (you can decide for yourself whether to tell them how dead simple it actually is). It's a win-win.
6. Upcycled chic
If you’re tired from the same old décor at your home, and just want to see something new to symbolize a fresh start, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on renovation or redecoration... get thoughtful about how you can give new life to things you already own. You'll feel good about what you create,  and will avoid environmental impact and waste caused by the old buy-and-toss symptom. For some ideas, you can make orange peels into candles (bonus: amazing amazing citrus scent), hard covers from books into coasters and favourite old sweaters into cosy pillowcases!
7. Green Cleaning
This year, why not finally commit to ditching cleaning products that are full of toxic chemicals? There are so many natural cleaning products on the market now that there's no excuse, plus there's always the option of stirring up your own DIY stuff from recipes that are readily available on the Internet! A super easy one? Try cleaning your stovetop with a baking soda and water paste. The results are the same if not better than your average scrub paste, without the harsh nasty ingredients! 
8. All about you
And of course, last but not least -- don’t forget your body! It needs to be kept clean and happy too, and New Years resolutions wouldn't be complete without considering what will most benefit your body, mind and spirit over the coming year. A great place to start is a juice detox... you can choose from one of many options (we love those by Genie Juicery and nood food), or search online for a gentle programme that includes lots of healthy raw green vegetable and fruit juices to keep you going while you cleanse. 
What's your resolution going to be? No matter what, we wish you and yours a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

By: Nissa Marion, Karen Chow


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