The Fear Bucket List

The Fear Bucket List

18 May, 2017
Conquer Fear And Live The Life You Deserve
Kamilla Holst releases first ever book on personal life

For the first time, Hong Kong-based chiropractor Dr. Kamilla Holst shares her personal story of overcoming abuse and fear in her newly published book The Fear Bucket List: From Victim to Power Woman. As a survivor herself, she wants to empower women across the world with this book.
She shares her views on the book with us at Ecozine.

The Fear Bucket List: From Victim to Power Woman, will lend itself to women who are determined to put an end to fear. Those who have previously struggled with low self-esteem or faced sexual abuse will find solace and strength in this empowering title.
Placing heavy emphasis on turning your fears into strength, Kamilla mentions, “No matter what you have experienced in the past, you have the innate power inside of you right now to conquer it and live the life you deserve”.

A pediatrician by day and avid writer herself, Kamilla has long dreamt of writing a book once in her lifetime. “I always knew I would someday write a book, I love writing, I just didn't know my first book would end up being about my own personal story”.

The book also teaches one how to identify fear, and conquer it anytime and anywhere, even while travelling. Beyond that, it also speaks of meditation on the go and the importance of mind and body balance.

All proceeds from sales of the book and launch events will go to Hagar International, a non-profit organization that helps women and children recover from severe abuse. Specifically, the proceeds will aid individuals in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam who have been subjected to human trafficking, domestic violence and exploitation. The organization provides recipients with safe housing, healthcare, counseling, legal support, vocational training, job placements and more.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Holst is an award-winning chiropractor who specializes in methods to achieve a body/mind balance through a combination of chiropractic body work, acupressure, lifestyle coaching and meditation. She moved to Hong Kong in 2014 and has since become a respected member of the Hong Kong Chiropractor’s Association.
The title is also available for pre-order on the Amazon Kindle store.

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