Zero Emissions Karma

Zero Emissions Karma

7 June, 2015
Spiritual Waste
Renowned spiritual teacher speaks to Ecozine about waste and wellness

Gahl Sasson is a cosmic navigator and spiritual teacher with an impressive portfolio of clients, ranging from celebrities to CEOs to political figureheads. Based in LA, he will be in Hong Kong during #ZeroWasteWeek running workshops alongside the Ecozine’s partner event, the Asia Yoga Conference.
And he maintains that this is no coincidence.
“I really equate karma with waste,” he says.
“In essence, your whole life people say to you: ‘don’t lie, you’ll create spiritual garbage,’” he adds, referring to guilt, negative karma, and the whole ‘what goes around comes around’ dynamic. Just as with physical rubbish, trash, and garbage, we cannot just get rid of our negative karma via burning or burying it. 
“Even if you ‘purify’ your negative energy by going to a healer, it doesn’t mean it’s gone. It’s still around, because energy preserves itself. As does pollution.”
The key, therefore, is not to produce the waste in the first place.
“You think you can just throw the rubbish from your factory into the river. Now your factory is clean, but the river is dirty. So we’re looking for what I call ‘zero emissions karma’ – meaning we want to get to the point where we don’t generate any negative karma.”
“Karma is action, reaction. When you dirty your spiritual ‘river’, when you pollute, when you are not being conscious of your actions, you’re generating negative karma.”
So we need to establish a circular spirituality, where we minimise - even eliminate - negative energy, he says, adding that Hong Kong is key to driving this change in this part of the world.
“I think that HK has a special duty. It’s almost like a child of the west and the east, and because of that it has more of a capacity to explain the east to the west and the west to the east, and create some sort of a bridge. That’s why you have all of the democracy movements going on right now.”
“I think that HK is going through a big transition, and China is going through a big transition, and the world is going through a big transition. And I think especially because it was insdustrialised so early on it has the capacity to actually move forward faster.”
This message bodes well for the beginning of Hong Kong's first-ever Zero Waste Week, which starts today! Get involved with the activities, become informed at the Zero Waste Global Summit (a few tickets still available) and be a part of history in the making! Watch and participate in Hong Kong's first steps toward a zero waste, circular economy and a healthy earth, spirit and mind. Take a pledge and join the conversation with the hashtags #ZeroWasteWeek and #Ecozine
HOT TIP: Mercury will officially stop being in retrograde on June 11 (the day of the Global Zero Waste Summit) which is a good time to begin new things… 
ANOTHER HOT TIP: Catch Gahl at his AYC workshops or upon his return to Hong Kong in March. Contact him on and visit his website

By: Ecozine Staff


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