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Another Hong Kong Sevens and another large contribution to Hong Kong landfill

Hong Kong Environmental Footprint
March 30, 2013

Why do large corporates all have CSR (Corporate Sustainable Policies) and all tick the boxes, but when it comes to events in Hong Kong – there is NO policy? Where is the EPD?
Just about 4 weeks ago we had the Hong Kong marathon and the amount of plastic cups collected after the event was quite disgusting:
This past weekend I have to give credit to ONE caterer at the stadium – Montana Grill
The packaging used by them – “BRAVO ” – finally is Bagasse as in the images below – 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable and NOT HARMFUL to humans. Bravo and congratulations Montana – you deserve mention as you are doing GREAT for Hong Kong environmental footprint and for Hong Kong landfill problems.
The packaging was amazing and for all those interested – this is what packaging looks like that has no impact on human health and also has a lower environmental footprint.
The rest was all the same….. same same……All the large corporates with all the amazing CSR policies and yet the amount of polystyrene and plastic that goes into the environment remains the same. This is sad for the future of Hong Kong.
We have to start somewhere to reduce the waste we have and reduce our environmental footprint. I wish to see a difference next year – yet again! May my wish come true……
The same waste that has a negative impact on human health and has a LARGE environmental footprint.
There are so many alternate packaging available. Why can we just not care anough to clean up Hong Kong??



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