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Lizette studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa where she completed a Bachelor of Science Degree. In 1991 Lizette obtained her ATI (Associate to the Textile Institute) In Manchester UK, and in 2003 Lizette graduated at Henley Business School in the UK where she completed her general MBA. Over the past 29 years Lizette has worked for and made valuable contributions to Woolworths, Nike and Next Sourcing Limited which allowed Lizette to develop extensive networks and exclusive lifestyle products including garments that are of the highest quality. Innovasians are involved in the raw materials and own the supply chain of their products. Through 'Added Value ' the product range is unique. Lizette is CEO of this unique company and has managed to obtain a blue chip customer base.

Innovasians appointed Hong Kong distributor for low carbon "wonder" wheat straw

Let's get rid of nasty styrofoam and plastic as it affects our health! AND NO MORE beach and city clean-up needed!!!!
November 4, 2013

Imagine NO more beach and city cleanup needed - let's change behaviour to a healthier one.
Innovasians Ltd and FIG Canada Group Company Limited join forces.
Innovasians Ltd in Hong Kong have been selling the wheat straw ‘wonder’ products for the last 2 years but have been appointed the official distributor for the wheat straw packaging material. These products are referred to as the “wonder’ as these are low carbon, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. These are made from 100% agricultural wheat straw, is non-toxic, contains no chemicals and is FDA approved.
The product resolves all the landfill issues in Hong Kong for sure. If these could replace the much hated and toxic Styrofoam (white boxes) and also the PET (those transparent boxes with salads and pastas and houmos etc etc) that we use daily in Hong Kong and we throw daily into landfill and it seeps toxins into the water table or washes into the ocean and is part of our food chain and detrimental to our health…….
The great news is that although the fast food giants in Hong Kong who are the biggest culprits in issuing the white boxes and the PET daily, they are the slowest to react and make a difference in Hong Kong, the Universities are collaborating and the Hospital authority is collaborating – that is great news and a great start to making a difference to consumption and making a difference to human health of all the residents in Hong Kong.
Thank you to The Hospital Authority and Universities in Hong Kong for your intelligent eco decision to convert plastic and Styrofoam to a biodegradable substitute. The Hospital Authority reported a saving in purchasing value!
We are striving at Innovasians to take the `toxicity of plastic out of our food chain for the health of Hong Kong people, taking plastic out of  our life to reduce the environmental impact of contribution to landfill, and supporting a healthier Hong Kong with less polystyrene/Styrofoam and plastic floating in Victoria harbour….
The wheat straw “wonder” is available in many shapes and MOQ (minimum order quantity) can be discussed. Please contact today or phone us on +852 34283102/3 if you are interested to reduce your impact on the environment.



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