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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has been pioneering socially responsible businesses in Hong Kong since 1992. As an ecopreneur, he has sought to build healthy and sustainable communities through ecologically viable food and has founded or co-founded many of the vegetarian eateries that have become the standard bearers of the health movement in Hong Kong—Bookworm Cafe, Life Cafe, and MANA! Fast Slow Food. Since the 90's, Bobsy has been championing the on-going planting of the Lamma Forest and through ABLE Charity, which he co-founded in 1994, efforts to protect and expand the forest continue today. In 2009, his ‘Save the Human! Don’t Eat the Planet!’ campaign won the ‘Best Documentary Award’ at ISHOT HK film awards. No matter the format or the context, Bobsy’s bottom line remains the same: to live a vocation that is socially responsible, ecologically conscious, and of service to humanity and the planet. Currently, Bobsy is working on creating Babylon! The Gathering of the Tribe: An Inspired Cafe, Lounge, & Community in the heart of downtown Central.
Plant Based Diet...
October 12, 2015

There is a fundamental change happening all over the world. (as you well know by now if you are following my blogs...Yaawn! ;-))

A change unparalleled throughout our known human history. A profound shift in peoples’ assumptions about themselves, their place and role in the world, the universe in which they live, the meaning of life and what it means to be a homo sapien alive on this beautiful planet of ours in the 21st century. This shift, or change in consciousness is growing exponentially on a global level as more and more people are awakening to what our modern lifestyles are doing to our selves, our natural resources, other species with which we share our world, and the living fabric of life on earth itself. With more than 7 billion people and 100 billion farmed livestock animals all vying for limited natural resources our world is facing an unprecedented crisis that more and more people are sensing and feeling every day. This crisis is spearheading the positive...

The Knife & The Fork
March 31, 2015

The healing of the Earth & the healing of the Human Spirit are one and the same.
Neither can be achieved without the other.

The Human Spirit has been badly misguided for at least a few hundred years now. Quite clearly since the dawn of the industrial revolution in the late 1700’s , when this misguidance first started to impact the “other” quite severely. We saw “Man” ( the masculine ) as a priority and Mother Nature (the feminine) something to be fought and conquered, shaped and subdued.
We fell from grace and lost our enchantment with Nature.

We learnt how to see Nature as separate from ourselves. That’s when our Ecological crisis began.
Today, we and our children & the rest of creation are paying the most severe price possible.
The symptoms of this disenchantment are obviously apparent and I need not list them here in this blog.
But one sentence is enough to list the root...

The Ancient Justinian Code
July 26, 2014

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift… Part XII

‘ BATTLE NOW! GET PAID LATER…’ Went the old cry from the early Crusades and the daze of Genghis Khan right up to the more recent invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

‘ BUY NOW! PAY LATER… ‘ Goes modern business from your local bank to your high street gym & fitness centre.

Little has changed over the centuries. The promise to exploit the present in return for a future reward is as hollow as a lump of smelly swiss cheese.

Exploitation is an inherently evil action that carries karmic debts with it. Whether it is the exploitation of those poor pigs that gave you that crispy bacon you had for breakfast the other morning because you “were starving”, or the beef patty in your fast food burger you gobbled down for lunch after your gym workout yesterday because you “were famished”, or that juicy tuna steak you had with your green salad on your...

June 25, 2014

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift…. Part XI

Here is a little quiz for you.

What does Voluntarily leading a simple lifestyle, watching less TV or none at all, following your passion, trusting fully in the Uni-Verse, supporting more feminine leadership, being deeply concerned about the state of our Planet, reading the labels on food before purchasing or consuming, not worshipping money, understanding why countries fight wars, noticing rubbish, trusting your intuition, feeling the pain of others, respecting other cultures, seeing through the illusion of our political and economic systems, understanding the limitations of materialism science (the dominant scientific method), knowing that you are a spiritual being having a human experience & having no fixed plans, all have in common !?

The answer is simply everything!

Ok, I know that is too much of a simplistic answer but that is exactly the way it is.

So, what is “everything...

Perhaps the only limits...
May 11, 2014

Ahh! My tenth blog. I love writing. But not just writing writing but rather putting down on paper in black and white what’s in my inner most self, the fullness of my vocation, my passion, what inspires me to act holistically in such a "materialistically" city… And to be able to express, that which is so hard to articulate to others face to face, in a blog like this is simply amazing… I am truly thank full to be able to blog.

In my previous nine blogs I have attempted to articulate WORLDVIEW and what that means to us humans living today. This is a very very difficult task. It is no exaggeration to say it is akin to explaining water to a fish. The vast majority of humans living today are not aware that they are born into a WORLDVIEW inherited from their parents, peers & society which in turn was inherited from those before them etc… Humanity has to go back as far as the 1500’s before we can see a different WORLDVIEW to the modern...

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