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    Ran Elfassy
    IT'S CALLING YOU TO ACTION   In a previous post, I described why and how I was moved to...
    Lizette Smook
    Lizette studied at Stellenbosch...
    It is for the last 4 years now that Innovasians has been marketing it's unique low carbon...
    Sharon Vipond
    Sharon is Canadian, and came to Hong...
    John Hardy’s trail blazing Green School hit the news again! No question, in the circles of...
    Rowena Gonzales
    As co-founder and creative director of...
    Fresh clean drinking water in Asia all too often comes out of a bottle, rather than a tap. Tap...


    Shower Smart
    Avoiding those water-guzzling high-pressure power showers. Turn it own a notch and enjoy a gentler shower to conserve a...
    Ban the Plastic
    Marine animals can choke or starve when their digestive systems get blocked by plastic. Since floating plastic...
    Choose Recycled
    Manufacturing with recycled materials saves energy and water and produces less air and water pollution than...

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