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    Sharon Vipond
    Sharon is Canadian, and came to Hong...
    John Hardy’s trail blazing Green School hit the news again! No question, in the circles of...
    Lizette Smook
    Lizette studied at Stellenbosch...
    NEW YORK -- Bureo skateboards look like fish because they are made from old fishing nets. They...
    Rowena Gonzales
    As co-founder and creative director of...
    If you are lucky enough to live into your 90s you will have spent about 30 years of your life...
    Bobsy Gaia
    Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has been...
    Once upon time not so long ago in a beautiful land of hope & optimism we had sacred...


    Save on Paper
    Reuse paper whether you are at school, at home or at the office by keeping paper that still has one side blank.
    Conserve Your Battery
    Batteries are only good for a finite number of charges. Remove your laptop battery when your laptop is plugged into a...
    De-clutter Your Computer
    Optimize your computer by cleaning out the clutter off your system. This will help you make your computer run faster,...

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