ECOZINE provides a unique platform to promote products, services, events and innovations that appeal to the rapidly growing segment of conscious consumers. Our demographic is wide, yet targeted.

With a projected 1 million average monthly page views, we will demonstrate that there is a growing demand for information about modern green living, and meet it. Our readers seek the knowledge and products that help individuals and communities live smarter. Our partners will be associated with the leading edge of sustainability.

Ecozine partnership is beyond advertising. It represents myriad benefits including:

  • Public Relations
  • Positive brand association
  • Consumer feedback
  • Employee recognition
  • CSR enhancement
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Targeted visibility
  • Sharing best practise
  • Social media outreach



Ecozine covers environmental topics in business, living, style, technology, travel, wellness, world issues and more. Our partners can choose to support unbiased content creation and live events in a section or category of content that is relevant to their business and demographic, reaching a wide but targeted readership.


Online partnership has no time limitations or borders, and it is viewed day and night around the globe. A robust CMS ensures that is always accessible, and always fresh! Ecozine partners have a unique opportunity to present not only traditional banner placements but high-quality content to our readers, engaging in dynamic two-way conversation and communicating in a way that was never possible with traditional advertising.



Our readers are the new wave of conscious consumers. Well-educated, socially aware, cultured and curious, they are motivated not just by their own desires but by the desire to make the right choices for the world they live in.
They are web-savvy, early technology adopters, and social-media users, who include industry experts, business and thought leaders, students, media and marketing professionals.



Our platform and associated partners will be promoted and marketed through a wide range of media channels, including online and offline, traditional, as well as working closely with NGOs and corporate partners, to broaden our reach and impact and touch as many people as possible.

The Ecozine approach to effective marketing and communications includes:

  • Above and below the line advertising
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Events, expos and speaking engagements
  • Fresh and multimedia-rich content
  • Multiple access points
  • Real-world engagement
  • Social media activation
  • Strategic partnerships

Our partners effectively become part of a family, and as such, benefit from all the marketing and PR efforts we make on behalf of This means that, in addition to presence on the website, partners join us on ad campaigns, at live events, and at events throughout Asia and the globe, wherever Ecozine goes.



Concern for the environment continues to grow dramatically in this region and consumers are increasingly looking for products and services that reflect their desire to live more sustainably.
There is strong evidence from surveys and market trends that values are shifting at a deep level; that the majority of consumers now prefer companies that are environmentally and socially responsible.


We are working to create partnerships that help businesses make money while making a positive contribution to the world, and engaging the public in a powerful way. We are committed to supporting and promoting NGOs, companies, individuals and organizations who are making a difference.



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