Instead of going to shop for new furniture every time you make a move visit one of the second-hand furniture stores or websites and buy already used furniture. The environment and your wallet will be appreciative.
If you cannot find a job that interests you but have a great idea, why not become your own boss?
Don't remove anything from nature when traveling, such as plants and animal products, because you may be removing something essential from the local ecosystem.
Avoiding those water-guzzling high-pressure power showers. Turn it own a notch and enjoy a gentler shower to conserve a whopping amount of water. If you love the power shower, go for a water-saving showerhead that forces water out harder but uses...
When looking for birthday cards, look for ones that are made from natural fibres such as hemp and recycled materials such as wood pulp.
Avoid disposable dinnerware such as cups, straws and utensils to reduce waste and to discourage the production of single-use items.
Marine animals can choke or starve when their digestive systems get blocked by plastic. Since floating plastic resembes food to animals, they can easily get confused and swallow the plastic. Remember to bring your own bag with you all the time and...
Manufacturing with recycled materials saves energy and water and produces less air and water pollution than manufacturing with virgin materials.
When washing your face and brushing your teeth, don't let the water run to reduce water usage.
If you spot sea turtles during nesting and hatching seasons (June through November), help them out by turning off white outdoor lights during the night or covering them with red cellophane. Sea turtles are guided by moonlight and can get confused...
When you decide to chill and relax with a spa treatment during your holidays, opt for an eco-friendly treatment that is toxic-free.
80% of the world's fisheries are being overexploited. You can reduce the impact of the global fisheries industry by avoiding big fish since smaller fish are lower on the food chain and tend to be more abundant and resilient to fishing pressure. As...

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